Cover Shot, Design and Architecture Magazine

Shot digitally for Burns and Beyerl Architects (BBA), the editors at Design and Architecture put it on the cover of their very first Chicago edition. (Thanks to Mike Ryan, architect at BBA for the wonderful house itself.)

Architecture has become a true love in recent years. From Wright to Ando, I'm fascinated by architects: the craft, beauty and meaning of building. My rates tend to be extremely reasonable because I consider each job a unique opportunity to document your hard work; to make it shine with all it's best intentions.

Clients include Burns+Beyerl, KGP, Torchia and Interior Construction Group. I shoot every format from 4x5 transparency to digital. While large format transparency is still the way to go, digital is a great option for those firms on a tight budget, looking for high-end progress images, or launching / updating web sites. I shoot digital images with Nikon's top-of-the-line digital SLR, which can yield up to 14"x20" photographic quality prints and beyond, perfect for your conference space.

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