Business Headshots in Studio

The Business package begins with one lighting and background setup and approximately 40-80 shots taken to yield one great headshot, which I retouch and prep as many as 4 different sizes and resolutions, in color or black and white. Client is provided an download of all their images in a low resolution watermarked format for proof purposes only.

One Individual / First Individual / One Retouched Image

Each Additional Individual (Includes One Retouched Image)

Email or call to inquire about volume discounts

A Credit Card Verification is required to book a shoot. No money will be charged before the shoot. However, if you cancel your appointment at all, a $25 booking fee will be applied to your card. If you cancel less then 48 hours in advance, a $50 fee will be applied to your card. Recheduling fee: there is no fee if you reschedule 48 hours or more in advance. Rescheduling within 48 hours or after no show: a $50 fee applies.


You may use the online booking button on this site. You may also email or call for an appointment, especially for an evening weekday appointment during the shorter winter days (I can book Monday, Tuesday and Friday evenings over email or phone). If you do not see the date or time you want online, please email or call. If you do book online, please be advised that your appointment may need to be adjusted to better accomodate all clients.

Business Headshots on Location

Prices are based on one set up / background (usually a corporate office), and include one retouched image per person (multiple sizes and crops are no charge)

One Individual / First Individual $400.00

Each Additional Individual (each) $100.00

Email or call to inquire about volume discounts

Makeup Artist -- $350 / half day -- $650 / full day


Business attire: even as business attire gets more casual each passing year, a business headshot should have formal business attire. You may wear whatever you like, but you should have a suit coat or blazer at the least, and men should also have a tie. We can dress that down and do a clothing change without adding an additional look to your fee.

You should bring multiple shirts and ties or blouses in different colors so that we can choose what works best for you.


I can do basic men's makeup, there is no charge for that.
Women's makeup and hair: I strongly suggest you hire one of my professional artists to do your hair and makeup. You pay them an additional fee separately.
Makeup artist for women's makeup / hair -- $140.00 cash.
Additional makeup and hair looks --$20.00 cash.

From Shoot to Final Image

The following applies to individuals in studio:

Whether your having prints made or using your new images on the web, here are the steps we take to get there:

First is the shoot, obviously. You'll get to see all your images right there at the end of the shoot to make sure your happy with what you've got.

Next, within one business day I create for you a private online gallery and send you and email with the link, user name and password. (You can forward this email on to anyone you like so that they can see your shots, too.)

A week or so later I mail you a disk with the same images that are on the online gallery. (They are 72 dpi and watermarked so they are not for use, only for image selection - though people put them up on social media all the time and that's fine). The online gallery is up for at least 6 months, but when it's no longer there you'll always have the disk.

Then, you choose the images you want to use and send me an image order using the order page on the website. Everything about how to order is explained on the order page of the site.

A few business days later, I will email you preview images with all the retouching and other edits. I will ask you to look them over and approve them. If you are using the image on the web, you can use these preview images right off the email and they should work great for most online use.

If you are printing images, you approve them, and I send you and the printer the full resolution copy. You should save your copy for safekeeping. If you aren't printing anything, I still send you the full resolution image for your safekeeping.

That's it! Remember, I save every image of every shoot indefinitely. So, if you lose something or want to order different images down the road, I've got you covered.