Additional Info

*What is a "Look"?
A look is a type of headshot, a certain lighting set up and background, and you may change clothes once or twice during a look.

**What is a "Finished Image"?
A final image is your choice of image retouched, cropped (if you like), and laid out like a headshot with borders and your name in your choice of font. A final image is an electronic file which I send to you and any third party printer to have multiple copies made.

Additional Final Images - $45

Prints are obtained from a 3rd party printer and are about $1.25/ea. (See link to J&S photo below for sample printing prices)

Credit Cards, Checks, Cash Accepted

Credit Card Verification is required to book a shoot. No money will be charged before the shoot. However, if you cancel your appointment at all, a $25 booking fee will be applied to your card. If you cancel less then 48 hours in advance, a $50 fee will be applied to your card. Rescheduling fee: there is no fee if you reschedule 48 hours or more in advance. Rescheduling within 48 hours or after no show: a $50 fee applies.


You may use the online booking button on this site. You may also email or call for an appointment. If you do not see the date or time you want online, please email or call. If you do book online, please be advised that your appointment may need to be adjusted to better accomodate all clients.


I'm committed to creating images that represent you in the best light—images that you will be proud and excited to send out and show others. That means getting to know you and understanding what you need in a studio session. It is your career that we're working on; I respect that and will contribute positively to that. If you’re open and prepared, you’ll get great headshots.


During daylight hours, I shoot beautiful natural light on all but the darkest days. I also have a full studio lighting setup. Weather permitting, we can shoot right outside the studio, too.


Everybody needs and wants a different amount of coaching when they shoot. It's okay if you're not sure how much you'll need or want. It's my job to find out, intuitively and by asking.

First, I'll make sure we’re on the same page, we have a good idea of what you are going for (like what kind of looks/headshots), and we agree on how to get there. We’ll plan out some clothing choices and some background and lighting choices.

I’ll give you some tips for engaging the camera in general. We’ll do some test shots. We’ll take a look at the test shots on a TV monitor and make sure you really like what’s going on there.

I like to see where you take things first and then step in with ideas to make sure I think you’re fully covered in terms of having lots of great choices for now and in the future with your headshots.

I have my secret tricks for getting great smiles, sexy looks, and dramatic looks while still being inviting. I could tell you those, but then . . . .

The most important thing I do is make sure you feel comfortable when we begin—and that you stay in that space. The more comfortable you feel, the better you'll perform.


I show you the very first test shots, so you can make sure you love what I’m doing for you and see how you’re coming across in the images.

Each time we change something significant, I will show you a sample shot so you can see what the change looks like.

At the end of the shoot, you will be able to sit down in front of an HD monitor and see a slide show of your entire shoot in HD. This way we make sure you feel great about what we’ve just accomplished for your new headshots!


Bring a lot of tops for us to choose from. Bring at least 6 shirts for each look you are shooting, even more if you’re bringing t-shirts or camis to layer underneath (you obviously won’t wear them all—but we need choices).

Subtle, solid colors that aren’t too light are the best. Avoid super bold colors like bright red. If you have blue, green, hazel or other “bright” color eyes, bring tops that match your eye color to bring out the color of your eyes.

Bring a pair of jeans that fit you well and aren’t torn or too distressed. Oftentimes that’s all you’ll need to wear. You really only need to bring other pants, skirts, etc. if you are shooting a business/industrial look OR if you have a more unique style or another idea in mind.

Follow these guidelines for most of the clothes you bring – and then ignore everything written here for some more! Be a rule breaker.

Bring your favorite clothes, the ones that make you feel attractive or special or important. Bring clothing that you love, stuff that says, “this is me; this is my look.” Oftentimes one of the best outfits we use is the one clients walk in wearing off the street and didn’t plan to use! That’s because it’s simply them.

Bring different types of stuff. Vary the style and tone of your clothes. If all your shirts have the same type of collar, then the tight shots might seem like the same look even though you've changed. Think variance in: styles, fabric, texture, necks, collars, casual, dress, casual-dress.

Bring clothes that fit perfect and are fresh and clean looking. If you don’t like most of your clothes or they’re in bad shape or don’t fit well, please go shopping! Save your receipt and return them if you don’t want to spend extra $$$.

Casual clothes are great. Don’t feel you have to be dressed up, unless that is your style or the look you’re going for.

Avoid all black and all white for the outside layer of your shirts.

Avoid distraction: crazy patterns, crazy stripes, crazy styles and really loud colors are no good. Your clothes should never steal focus from your face.

When in doubt, just bring it!Iron, steam, or have your clothes pressed. It’s ok if they wrinkle some in travel, we’ll take care of it. You do not need to bring an iron.

Women: PLEASE bring a seamless, smooth bra that matches your skin tone very well. This way it will rarely show through.

If you like bring your favorite music (ipod / mp3 player preferred – cd’s also ok).


Whether your having prints made or using your new images on the web, here are the steps we take to get there:

First is the shoot, obviously. You'll get to see all your images right there at the end of the shoot to make sure your happy with what you've got.

Next, within one business day I create for you a private online gallery of all your images in proof format and send you and email with the link, user name and password. (You can forward this email on to anyone you like so that they can see your shots, too.)

Also, within one business day you will receive a separate email with a link to download your entire shoot in proof format (They are 72 dpi and watermarked so they are not for use, only for image selection - though people put them up on social media all the time and that's fine).

Then, you choose the images you want to use and send me an image order using the order page on the website. Everything about how to order is explained on the order page of the site.

A few business days later, I will email you preview images with all the retouching and other edits. I will ask you to look them over and approve them. If you are using the image on the web, you can use these preview images right off the email and they should work great for most online use.

If you are printing images, you approve them, and I send you and the printer the full resolution copy. You should save your copy for safekeeping. If you aren't printing anything, I still send you the full resolution image for your safekeeping.

That's it! Remember, I save every image of every shoot indefinitely. So, if you lose something or want to order different images down the road, I've got you covered.


For prints of actor's headshots, I recommend J&S Photography (312-751-8899). I send the final edited images to them electronically for you (you get a copy, too). Then all you have to do is call them to order your print copies. They can ship to you as well so you don't have to travel.

For prices go to J&S Photo Service