Taking Risks and Standing Out: Personality Over Vanity

Over many years of photographing actor’s headshots, I’ve noticed that often times an actor picks a photo that’s “nice” - safe - flattering. My judgement is those things aren’t going to get them in the door and noticed. I love it when folks take risks. When selections value personality over vanity. Most of us have an eye smaller than the other, and it’s easier to notice with a real energetic smile. So what?! Go for the real - go for the personality. Bring the heat. If you’re with a good photographer they have coached you to make some risky choices, to dive deep psychologically. That’s where the gold is. Because that’s what we want as an audience of any type - we want truth and risk! Bring it and get noticed!


The image on the left is fine. It’s a nice smile. Flattering for her face etc. But the one one the right has the real energy! The real personality. It’s ok that the squinty eye is a bit more squinty! The one on the right is the better shot because it’s got more TRUTH!