Why Age Doesn't Matter

About every week I have a client call up and say, “I want you to know I’m worried about being older. Have you photographed a lot of older people?”

I love these people, because a lot of the time they’ve put in their life’s work (other careers and/or kids) and now they are doing what they’ve always dreamed of. How awesome is that?! The bravery and the joy of doing what you’ve always wanted to do!

And, no! It doesn’t matter how old you are. Who cares?! There are roles for all ages and this isn’t a beauty contest. We want truth! Everyone wants truth and stories, and older folks have that in bushels!

Older clients are the best, their faces tell great stories.

A good people photographer is a great people person, regardless of age. I can connect with a 6 year old and a 60 year old. And it’s an amazing gift to do that in my work.

All ages - all types. No worries! A Pro sees each person for who they are, what they need in the session, how they need to be lit, how they need to be coached to come alive.

Age? It’s got nothing to do with it!

Aaron Gang