Is Black the New Black? Clothing and Taking Risks.

No. Sorry. If you’re playing it safe and only have a couple outfits to work with, avoid black.


Black eats up the light. It tends not to show texture even if there’s good texture. And texture is a great way to make your clothing interesting but not distracting. White is the opposite issue. Headshots, for example, tend to be high key (which means bright and a lot of light on the subject, basically). Because of this, white tends to blow out, or be overexposed to the point where there’s no value or texture. Also, Black can come off looking severe or two serious and closed off for an approachable look.

So if you want to be safe, avoid black or white for your outside layer. But…

A great headshot with black means matching the tone and only showing a little of the shirt.

If you want to take some risks and you have enough outfit changes to play with…

Go for it! Sometimes breaking the rules can make you stand out and get attention. A good photographer will know how to light for black or white. Serious black might be ok for a serious theatre shot. And white might look great against dark skin.

White tops can look awesome against dark skin.

So what do you think:

Have a wardrobe success or failure to share? Did you wear a shirt or outfit you were surprised an agent or casting director loved! (Or hated 😟). Let us know!