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Someone likes you ;-)

You’ve received a gift card good towards a family / pet photo session and artwork at Aaron Gang Photography!


To learn more about how to turn this gift into a delightful experience, simply fill out the form below and we’ll get you started.


This gift is good for Family and Pet sessions in the studio at 1016 N. Ashland, Chicago 60622 for a maximum of 6 hearts (people and pets).


Before you fill out the form, take a moment to see everything that’s included in the experience:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why am I getting this?
A: Someone may have purchased this for you. Or, a previous client was given one to pass on to someone they think would want it. 

Q: What do I get with this?
A: As of now this would cover a photo session with some left over for artwork. 

Q: Do any prints or digitals come with this gift?
A: No, those are sold separately, but the session does come with 3 prints.

Q: Will I get Proofs?
A: Proofs are made and sent after purchases are made and paid for in the ordering session.

Q: How much are digitals?
A: $80 each with a discount package for all. Digitals are included in all of our collections (artwork packages.

Q: What are your artwork offerings and prices?
A: Find them on our Print Shop page! 

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1016 N. Ashland - Chicago IL 60622

312 - 805 - 5310

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