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Pet Session FAQ

That's awesome you're thinking of doing a pet session. You're probably thinking it's time because you're seeing your pet(s) grow up so fast or you want to show your beautiful fur baby or babies off to the world. Perhaps holiday time is approaching and you want to really make a stunning card this year.

You may have questions about how pet photography works in general and specifically with Aaron Gang Photography. Here are the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q: What is your availability?

A: All my sessions are by appointment. I can book you over the phone and discuss the best time, and you can book online through my booking system. If you know you want a weekend time, it’s best to book with me on the phone. In general I’m available every other weekend during the day and on many Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings.

Q: Can I be in the photos? Do I have to be?

A: Yes! No! Often times a pet session is also a family session. You and your pet may be the best family of 2 ever! And you may have a partner and kids you want to include. That's great. And, you may just want stunning photos of your pet(s) solo. That's cool, too!

Q: What if my pet (or partner) can’t last an hour in the studio?

A: You will be amazed what we can accomplish in a short amount of time in the studio. The irony is that the real work is all the things you and I will do to get your pet and you to the session and in front of the camera. Once you’re there the fun and the magic starts. And even if that doesn’t take up the full amount of time allotted for your session, it will be enough for great pet photos. I also understand things come up, even last minute, and will work with you to reschedule if it’s necessary.

Q: I only want a digital for a holiday card, do you have a smaller session?

A: Sometimes! Not to be cheeky, but a couple times a year I do Family Pet Sessions. They are usually $175 for 30 minutes. They are limited to a handful of clients, and they are first come first served on specific dates only. Be sure I have your email and you’ll be the first to know about them.

I’m a very in-depth pet photographer. I take time to get to know the client so that I honor everything that makes you and your pet and your relationship unique. I also give time to consult in person or on zoom to create custom artwork so that you have exactly what you need. That’s part of the full experience. So I don’t have a smaller regular session.

This is really an opportunity to give your pet the full treatment. Even if you only did the session with whatever small product I’m currently offering included, the experience would be well worth it.

Q: How do I get to see my photos?

A: On Zoom or in person we will meet for a Reveal and Order Session. There I will surprise and delight with a custom slideshow of the best photos. That’s your first look. In that session you’ll decide what art pieces and other product you’d like to purchase and make your payment. Directly after that session, I make a gallery for you to take your time and look over the best of your photos to determine which photos get used in your artwork. If you’re purchasing one of my top 3 packages, you will get all the digitals retouched and placed on a custom USB drive as a cool keepsake.

Q: I don’t know what I want to make from the session. How do you help?

A: The Reveal and Order Session is the where I help you design. I’ll make custom collections and composites digitally for your walls before we meet. You’ll send me photos of your walls, and, using special software, I’ll show you EXACLY what the art will look like on your walls. How cool is that. No guessing, just great, custom art. At the session I also explain each of the products and what might be best for your home and for gifts.

Q: How many pictures do you take and do I have to look through them all?

A: For a typical 1 hour session I take 200-300 photos. I do the work before you see them to narrow them down to only the best, which is about 50. So you don’t have to look through all are little goof ups.

Q: How much are digitals and what can I do with them?

A: Individual digitals are $75. They are printable up to 8x10 inches. They are fully retouched. All the digitals from the best photos of your session (up to 50) are $2500 (saves $1250). The best way to go, however, is with a package that gets you all your digitals and artwork, starting at well below $2500.


I hope this answered all of your questions. If not or if you'd just like to talk, please book a chat with me:

I hope you found this useful. If you have already booked a session, I can't wait to get to know your family and give you photos that you can look back at and smile. If you are looking to book a session, let's book a chat. It's the next best step to see if we are a fit for your family session.

Yours always,

Aaron Gang

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