Professional HEADSHOTS

Even in the most serious business, image matters. That's why a truly professional headshot is so important. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate you!

In 20 years of shooting professional headshots, I've learned the needs of shooting business people: I make the uncomfortable situation of getting in front of the camera as comfortable as possible, and I don't waste your valuable time getting something great.

Even more importantly, we will take the time to discover what your next awesome professional milestone is, and we will get the photos that take you there!

Let’s begin by discovering together what is amazing about who you are and what you do!


$200 for the first photo
$150 per additional photo

What's included in your headshot experience?

  • A discovery consultation to learn more about you and your professional future.

  • Your awesomely painless photographic session.

  • A huge screen presentation of your best photographs with lots of great options for your needs. Choose your photos right there and complete the process same day!

  • Artfully retouched photographs delivered as a digital download in high-resolution as well as social media and web formats.


If you’d like me to visit you or your team on location, at your office or just about anywhere, please call or fill out the contact form. We’ll have a nice chat and I’ll make a custom quote for you!




I can do basic men's makeup, there is no charge for that.
Women's makeup and hair: I strongly suggest you hire one of my professional artists to do your hair and makeup. You pay them an additional fee separately.

Makeup artist for women's makeup / hair -- $140.00 cash.
Additional makeup and hair looks --$20.00 cash.


  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and that make you look great.

  • Avoid picking something with bold, distracting patterns or colors - unless you can layer a plain blazer over it so that not so much of the pattern is showing and there’s a nice little pop of color.

  • Tight grids or small herringbone patterns can have a moire pattern effect on camera so please try to avoid grid-like patterns.

  • V-necks accentuate the neckline and generally tend to look best on women - Just be careful as to not choose something with too low of a neckline - Also, avoid turtlenecks.

  • Try to avoid short sleeves or tank tops - Executive headshots look best without bare arms, unless it fits with your brand personality, in which case, try going for a sleeveless blouse or shift dress.

  • Do bring a blazer so we can try that look with a blazer as an option.

  • For jewelry, go for something small and classic - not too reflective or flashy. Earrings shouldn’t dangle more than an inch or so from the earlobe - The simpler the better!

  • Bring 2-3 choices of tops and blazers - We can mix and match to create the perfect look for you.

  • For a no-jacket casual look, bring various colored blouses ideally darker than your skin tone.

  • Clothes should be neatly pressed and should look new or like new.

  • Professional makeup is recommended. Makeup should be clean and natural.

  • A heavy layer of translucent powder. This will make the shine disappear, pores look smaller and the skin will look even. Avoid shimmers or any products with too much sparkle or shine. Avoid frosts or overly-bright colors.

  • Don’t get a new hair cut just before the shoot - let it grow in a bit to get that natural and comfortable look.


  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and that make you look great.

  • Don’t get a new hair cut just before the shoot - let it grow in a bit to get that natural and comfortable look.

  • Make sure your jacket and shirt fit you well. A poor fitting jacket or shirt will be obvious in the photos
    (especially around the neck).

  • Avoid overdressing - the best look is one that looks and feels effortless.

  • Clothes should be neatly pressed and should look new or like new.

  • Avoid busy patterns and large lines/stripes.

  • The standard business look is a suit jacket, dress shirt and tie.

  • A casual business look is often a jacket and open dress shirt, shirt and tie (no jacket), or dress shirt on its own.

  • For a no-jacket casual look, bring colored shirts - ideally darker than your skin tone.

  • Bring a few different jackets, shirt colors and ties so we have choices on the day of your session.


What People Are Saying about Aaron Gang

"Aaron was great you can tell that this specific photography is his specialty. I've got many headshots before and they weren't even close to as professional and artistic is Aaron was able to do for me. I would strongly recommend using Aaron 4 any photography that you need.”

Aaron Kramer




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